Wednesday, August 29, 2012


     Mythology has played a key role in society throughout history.  Their importance, however, has changed over time.  In the beginning, mythology was used to explain aspects of life.  Today it is used for studying and entertainment.
     In ancient Greece, myths were created to make sense of why things were happening.  Much of what requires an explanation deals with nature.  People wondered why it flooded so they created a myth about it. They said it was because they had angered Posiedon, God of the Sea, and he was making them pay.  Or that there was another god (or goddess) that made crops grow.  Myths also told stories, so children that could enjoy them too.
     Mythology has taken on a new role in 21st century society.  Now it is used to study history, and how the ancient people thought.  This has changed for one key reason: modern people use science to understand how grass grows.  Computers and electricity were not availabe to the Greeks, or else they may not have created myths.  The thing that has stayed the same is that children still enjoy some version of them.  Disney took the myth Hercules and made it into a movie.  They put their own spin on an ancient story and made it fun for modern children.
     Overall, mythology's role has changed, but it is still very important.  As long as people still learn, and Disney keeps popping out movies, mythology will never get old.

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