Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hero Analysis

                Heroes in media have been important ever since people could communicate.  They appear in books AND movies, and play a large role in our childhood and lives as a whole.  As history has progressed, so have the heroes and their details, but there are still many links to the heroes of old.
            There are a multitude of aspects of heroes that have not changed.  The majority of hero stories follow the same journey structure, which people have subconsciously adapted their story to.  Besides that, there are still characteristics of ancient heroes that can be found in modern ones.  For instance, both Batman and Odysseus are brave and courageous, neither of them back down in the face of danger.  Heroes are often smart and can use their surroundings to benefit themselves.  Many heroes are also well-off, Batman has a mansion and Odysseus has a palace because he is a king.  Surprisingly, heroes are similar throughout history.
            A lot of characteristics have changed as well.  Nowadays, the consumers really enjoy antiheroes, or just people that are not liked by their cities.  Batman is hated by most of Gotham, the police are always after Spider-Man, and nobody liked Shrek.  It is common for heroes to be very technologically advanced; Iron-Man has a bulletproof flying suit.  In modern times, hospitality is not as important as it was in Ancient Greece, this is because it is not thought of as a must for an honorable person.  Also heroes tend to not have much family, at least not that they talk to.  Of course, history has taken its toll on aspects of heroes.
            Part of these differing details is the obstacles that heroes face.  Heroes from ancient times battled against very different things versus now.  People like Odysseus more often fought uncontrollable phenomena like nature and the gods’ wrath.  Yes, modern heroes fight those same things, but not as much.  Now, more often than not, people are fighting physical objects, namely technology.  This ranges anywhere from guns, to armor, all the way to giant, advanced, magical robots from another dimension.  Odysseus never fought that, he was too concerned with what Poseidon had in store for him.  The driving details of heroic stories have changed greatly.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Telemachus WW

     My father, Odysseus, has been gone for 18 years.  I am currently being eaten out of house and home by a group of rude Suitors.  These horrible men are attempting to court my mother, Penelope, and they do not care about my financial state. 
     I was recently visited by the Goddess Athena, Daughter of Zeus.  She has told me to go on a journey to inquire about my father.  She said to hold an assembly, and then gather a crew to man a ship, both of which I have done.  I set sail and arrived at the beautiful Pylos, home of Nestor.  They have recieved me very kindly, allowing my crew and I to feast and sacrifice to the gods with them.  Nestor let me sleep in his palace for the night with Peisistratus. 
     I set out again yesterday in a chariot, led by two horses, alongside Peisistratus.  Last night we stopped and stayed the night in Pherae, in the home of Diocles.  We went even further today, and it is now dark.  I shall retire to bed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sir Massive Pecs of Sheenville

            It was a regular day in Sheenville.  Not a political figure was campaigning, not a gang fighting, and not a homeless person asking for money.  It was a perfect opportunity for the Man Power Puff Girl, Sir Massive Pecs of Sheenville, to relax.  He had a giant mansion, with an Olympic size swimming pool and a basketball court. Sir Massive Pecs of Sheenville, with a six foot seven inch height, was a giant among the people of his town.  He had huge pecs, ripped abs, and biceps that could crush a human head if he flexed.  Sir Pecs also had a decent mane coming from his chin, as well as perfect looks.  He was like Aston Kutcher times one-thousand.  His side-kick, Mini Pecs, was his best friend.  Mini Pecs had a beautiful sister, she was a supermodel named Victoria. 

            On this day, at about 2:30 a.m., Victoria was taken from her room in Pecs’s mansion.  When the heroes awoke at precisely 6:30, Victoria was nowhere to be found.  When they realized there was a note on the golden fridge, they decided to read it.  The note said:

            “By the time you read this, Victoria and I will be making our way across the border.  I am taking her to an undisclosed location, definitely not my mother’s house. I demand the shaggy mane of Sir Pecs.  If I do not receive this by 3 tomorrow, I will make her say something morally degrading to you.  You had best meet my demands, because right now, I am thinking of what I will make her say!!! Teehee”

            “Holy flex Pecs!! Did you read that?! What are we going to do? We need to find her.  Who do you think took her,” Mini Pecs exclaimed.

            “Why, I bet it was none other than my arch nemesis, Mojo Minaj!! Filthy coward.  I bet he is at his mother’s house.  I remember where it is, we always used to play Call of Duty together.”  Sir Pecs replied angrily.

            So the duo set off, headed to Mojo’s location.  The easiest way to get there was flying, but since Mini Pecs had not fully unlocked his flight perk, he rode on Sir Pecs’s yellow light stream.  About a quarter of the way there, Sir Pecs was beginning to feel exhausted.  They stopped at the gym to refuel.  Sir Pecs used the bench press.  He did three sets of fifteen at 575 pounds.  Mini Pecs did pull-ups.  They each grabbed a 5 Hour Energy shot on the way out the door.  Midway though the flight, Sir Pecs’s light started to fade.  They had barely made it to the half-way point before Sir Pecs needed a break.  His food tank was running on empty, so they stopped at a nearby taco stand, Pedro’s Nonstereotypical Tacos.  Rumor had it that place had the best tacos in all of the land.  The rumor was right.  Ironically, there was a unicorn shop across the street, so they bought Mini Pecs a brand new unicorn.  So the heroes set off again.  This time they made it further without taking a break because Sir Pecs did not have the stress of Mini Pecs on his rainbow. 

            On this leg of the trip, Sir Pecs and Mini Pecs landed about five miles from their approximate destination.  Once they got very close, Sir Pecs whipped out his scent analyzer to lead them to the exact whereabouts of Victoria and Mojo Minaj.  Sure enough, Mojo’s mother had not moved in the twenty years since Mojo and Sir Pecs played together.  Sir Pecs drew the lay-out of the house and the team created a plan of action.  The house was two stories.  There was not a basement.  That brought the optimal hiding places to two spots, the bathroom or his bedroom. 

            Sir Pecs broke the door down by flexing his chest and they were in the house.  The duo split up, Sir Pecs took the right and Mini Pecs took the left.  Once they discovered that the first floor was clear, they teamed up for the top floor.  They broke down the bathroom door, but there was nobody in there.  That left one possible place: Mojo’s bedroom.  Sir Pecs found the door unlocked, so there was no need to break it in.  They found Mojo and Victoria in the back corner, nut with a surprise.  There was an entire hoard of bad rappers!!

            “The only way to get to me is by facing every one of my minions,” Mojo declared cynically. 

            “Than that I shall,” Sir Pecs said with authority.

            So the rap battles began, Sir Pecs and Mini Pecs taking on two rappers at a time.  At one point they heard a female voice.  It was Buttercup, assisting the Pecs.  Once they had beaten seventeen rappers, Sir Pecs threw the marker for juggernaut gear to be airdropped in.  Now he did not have to fight the rest, Sir Pecs just pushed his way through to Mojo.  That was his final test.

            “So you have defeated my posse, but can you defeat me?  I am the best of the best, and my rhymes are second to none.” Mojo stated.

            Then it began, the most epic of rap battles in history.  It was too swag for anyone other than the chosen ones to hear.  It took place over three hours.  Lines were getting ugly, and Mojo was losing the battle.  Finally it happened, the one hit KO of rap:

And my swagga level so high

I am just too fly.

Y’all must be hatin,

Bucuz you just fakin!

            Mojo’s body exploded out of pure awe.  And so, the day was saved, thanks to: Sir Pecs, and his side-kick, Mini Pecs!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


     The definition of archetype is a universally understood symbol.  Archetypes are very prominent in mythology, but are often incorperated into modern media.  Some archetypes are: shadows, children, soul, and a divine couple.
     Another easily identifiable archetype is a journey, very commonly used in the hit show, "Family Guy".  In many episodes the father, Peter, or son, Stewy, goes on a journey.  Who experiences it or what it is depends on the episode.
     Journeys signify a quest for knowledge, usually about the self.  If one looks shallow and without analyzing, it appears that the journey is out of pure entertainment.  Sometimes they are obvious, like when Peter leaves the Drunken Clam after drinking heavily, and drives home.  Midway through the ride, {eter crashes into a tree.  Peter is thown out of the car and dies because he forgot his sealtbelt.  Before he moves on to the next world, Death meets with Peter and explains what had happened.  Peter is shown he would be like in ten years if he kept drinking the way he did, then if he had never touched a drop.  Death teaches Peter about drinking in moderation.  Peter learns something about himself, and he is given another chance.
     This archetype is key to the show because often times that is what the episode is about.  Each episode is usually centered around that journey.  It is the story line.  Without a journey, the family would just be sitting on the couch and talking.