Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Telemachus WW

     My father, Odysseus, has been gone for 18 years.  I am currently being eaten out of house and home by a group of rude Suitors.  These horrible men are attempting to court my mother, Penelope, and they do not care about my financial state. 
     I was recently visited by the Goddess Athena, Daughter of Zeus.  She has told me to go on a journey to inquire about my father.  She said to hold an assembly, and then gather a crew to man a ship, both of which I have done.  I set sail and arrived at the beautiful Pylos, home of Nestor.  They have recieved me very kindly, allowing my crew and I to feast and sacrifice to the gods with them.  Nestor let me sleep in his palace for the night with Peisistratus. 
     I set out again yesterday in a chariot, led by two horses, alongside Peisistratus.  Last night we stopped and stayed the night in Pherae, in the home of Diocles.  We went even further today, and it is now dark.  I shall retire to bed.

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