Thursday, September 6, 2012


     The definition of archetype is a universally understood symbol.  Archetypes are very prominent in mythology, but are often incorperated into modern media.  Some archetypes are: shadows, children, soul, and a divine couple.
     Another easily identifiable archetype is a journey, very commonly used in the hit show, "Family Guy".  In many episodes the father, Peter, or son, Stewy, goes on a journey.  Who experiences it or what it is depends on the episode.
     Journeys signify a quest for knowledge, usually about the self.  If one looks shallow and without analyzing, it appears that the journey is out of pure entertainment.  Sometimes they are obvious, like when Peter leaves the Drunken Clam after drinking heavily, and drives home.  Midway through the ride, {eter crashes into a tree.  Peter is thown out of the car and dies because he forgot his sealtbelt.  Before he moves on to the next world, Death meets with Peter and explains what had happened.  Peter is shown he would be like in ten years if he kept drinking the way he did, then if he had never touched a drop.  Death teaches Peter about drinking in moderation.  Peter learns something about himself, and he is given another chance.
     This archetype is key to the show because often times that is what the episode is about.  Each episode is usually centered around that journey.  It is the story line.  Without a journey, the family would just be sitting on the couch and talking.

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